Therapy and bodywork that fits a busy schedule.


All our services are made to make the most of your time. Everything lasts 30 minutes so you can enjoy your time without losing your entire day.


therapeutic bodywork (30 min)

A combination of deep tissue bodywork and functional stretching that restores your body's movement and reduces pain. 

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If you're feeling like your body needs a break, this is the therapy for you. Reduce inflammation, and rebalance your energy levels with this gentle therapy.

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tune up (30 min)

Choose from chiropractic, medical massage or PNF stretching techniques depending on your body's needs that day.

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relaxation massage (30 min)

Melt into the table with a gentle, focused massage that will leave you feeling like you just woke up from a 3 hour nap.

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chiropractic (30 min)

A conservative approach to this hands-on favorite. Perfect for reducing joint stiffness and improving range of motion. 

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restorative Flow yoga (30 min)

Emphasis on slow, steady, flowing movements that guide you to a state of physical and mental balance. Pairs well with acupuncture or chiropractic.

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physical therapy (30 min)

A comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement for all levels of athletes.

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